Committee Of The Month

The Membership Committee serves to extend a warm welcome to all of our church members and friends. We provide greeters for our Sunday worship and we “keep an eye out” for visitors and new faces, generally to make them feel at home, and to address any questions or concerns they may have regarding our church. The Committee maintains a cultivation list which identifies those who have shown interest and attendance at Sunday worship, and who may eventually become full members. For those who feel ready to join, the Committee schedules informational gatherings, and we assist them in finding ways that they might share their time and talents in service to the church. We work to maintain a current phone directory and review the membership list to note changes as necessary. The Committee extends care and support by sending cards to members and friends of the church who are experiencing difficult life circumstances. We organize several social events a year which provide opportunities for fun and fellowship with members and friends in a relaxed setting. Our annual Winter Celebration, Progressive Dinners, and summer barbeque events are all ways the committee endeavors to deepen our relationships with each other. We encourage all within the church to be welcoming and reach out to the unfamiliar face next to you – and wear your nametag! If anyone would like one or needs a replacement nametag, please let one of the committee members know.

Currently serving on the Membership Committee are Sue Smith,Ruth Gill (Chair), Diane Wells, Ila Mattila, Maurine Bastille,, Muff Kruse,
 Cindy Nutter.