Committee of the Month
Property and Finance is the committee of the month for March and I am happy for the opportunity to inform the Congregation of what I view as a very strong committee. 
We are a committee of 8 dedicated individuals, each of whom feels they are a
steward of our properties and our financial assets, and take that very seriously.  All are well-versed in interacting with staff to ensure our properties remain at their best to support the Congregation as well as the community. 
It was not without intention that 3 of our members were also members of the recently completed Capital Campaign Building Team.  By adding Dan Tinkham, Dave Emond and Ray Vercoe to this committee, we added an already-intimate  knowledge of our properties.    
Besides these three experienced members, we have a polished Chair in Steve Tucker, a very busy young man with a family and a significant role in our local schools.   Catherine Tokarz is also a member, and being a member, too, of the Laconia Heritage Commission ensures that we other members do not dishonor in any way, any of our historical assets.  Greg Thompson is also a member and he is THE go-to guy for anything and everything.  He lives close, and brings significant mechanical experience as well. 
And finally, another important member of this committee is our Church Treasurer Don Clarke.  Don manages the purse strings of this church and is a strong member of this committee.  He puts in more hours than anybody.
In closing, we are so fortunate that our two previous Chairs so enjoyed their time on Property and Finance that they stay involved; Warren Clement and ad hoc member Ted Tunnicliffe. 
It should go without saying that if any congregant sees something that does not look right as to our properties, please say something to one of us.  Next issue of the TT, I will review what we are looking at and future plans to keep our properties something we can all be proud of.
John Walker