Sally is going to Africa??
The rumors are true! I will be spending the summer in Kenya, working with OneLife Africa, the organization run by Andrew and Stephanie Onguka, Linda and Ted Tunnicliffe’s daughter and son-in-law.

I will be spending the summer helping lead a program for gap year students from their scholarship program before the students begin attending a University. My part of the program will be building communications skills, including public speaking, various forms of writing, and research techniques.

The program already has 10 Chromebooks (mini computers) for the students to use to gain the experience needed to succeed when they reach college, but more are needed to provide for a whole class of students, which will stay at the center to help many more groups. I will be bringing several Chromebooks with me when I go.

Pictures and stories  will be coming soon! Stay tuned!
Sally Tinkham

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Service Trip April 2015
In April of 2015 fifteen members and friends of the Congregational Church of Laconia will be traveled to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota to work with Re-Member, an organization dedicated to working with the Lakota people to improve lives on Pine Ridge.  Re-member works to create better homes, better jobs, better health, and a better life for the people of Pine Ridge.

The Congregregational Church of Laconia sponsored an intergenerational one-week service trip to Nashville, Tennessee.  After the flooding that occurred back in the spring of 2010, our neighbors in Nashville are still in desperate need of assistance.  This long-term disaster recovery effort was organized by the national United Church of Christ. 
In Nashville, over 2,100 building permits have been issued to home owners to repair/rebuild their homes.  Many of these home owners do not have the means (insurance or funds from FEMA) to restore their homes without help from volunteers.  Many have not had a safe place of their own to live since the floods occurred.

The role of the wider United Church of Christ in disasters is focused on the technology-caused disasters and on the long-term recovery of a community. 
Here are some details about Laconia's trip:
Date:  April 24 - 30, 2011 
Location:  Nashville, Tennessee
Participants:  Bethany Clarke, Don Clarke, Mikayla Clarke, and Sally Tinkham
Housing:  Brookmeade UCC, Nashville, TN
 Your service is needed for Long-Term Disaster Recovery from floods in the Nashville, TN area to repair/rebuild homes.      
 Our presence and service with the clean-up and repair/rebuilding of homes several months after a disaster helps assure people that they are not alone or forgotten.